About Grant Fine

Grant Fine is a graduate of Harvard Law School (cum laude) and Brown University (phi beta kappa, magna cum laude).

Mr. Fine is one of the nation’s leading private investigators with extensive experience in the United States and abroad.  He has lived and worked throughout Latin America and is fluent in Spanish.

Mr. Fine’s legal career was first launched in California, where he worked as a public defender, representing Spanish-speaking indigent clients. During the course of his career, he served as legal advisor to the Municipality of La Paz, Bolivia as part of a World Bank-financed project known Fortalecimiento Municipal. He also worked for non-governmental human rights organizations in Chile (Comision Chilena de Derechos Humanos) and Peru (Comision Andina de Juristas).

In addition to his legal and investigative work, Mr. Fine speaks, teaches, and writes about investigation and legal advocacy. He has served as faculty member in legal education projects in Venezuela and Colombia sponsored by the (U.S.) Federal Judicial Center and the (U.S.) Agency for International Development, respectively. Mr. Fine has delivered lectures on investigation and litigation strategy at Stanford Law School and Santa Clara Law School.

Mr. Fine has a strong commitment to pro-bono work, having lent his expertise to a the Northern California Innocence Project as well as variety of other public interest efforts throughout the nation.